A cloak of secrecy protects Hoods Up, as we operate under cover of darkness, obfuscation and intrigue.

We hide in plain sight, visible to those with eyes of discernment and burning with social dissatisfaction, yet hidden from those who would do us harm. To outsiders, our movement represents little more than mere novelty - a fashion, an artifice, a brand, an ornamental affectation.

Only those elite outsiders possessed of deep understanding are transformed and illuminated by our ulterior purpose and sublime motivating principles. Our outward numerology and symbolism cover the blood oath at the heart of our order like a thick fog, a fog intrinsically imbued with the essential elements of alchemy, knowledge and otherworldly power.

Let those who look upon us be dumbfounded with awe and wonder, as only the select few who choose to adorn themselves in our armor perceive the real objective.